The family history dates back to 1917 with the founding of Jackson Markus Supply by Peter Markus, great-grandfather of Wayland Industries’ Kevin and Andy Kurstin.

After World War I, Peter Markus recognized government and industry’s need for a qualified concern to redistribute the formidable stockpiles of surplus materials. To accomplish this, Jackson Markus Supply, known as J-M, established the marketing and distributing policy that continues so successfully today. Jackson Markus Supply was focused on brass, iron, and stainless steel plumbing fittings, construction materials, and flow control products for the petrochemical, oil, marine, food, and waterworks industries.

During the Depressions of the early ‘30s when inventories were literally dumped on the glutted market, and at the close of World War II, J-M again assumed a major role in surplus redistribution. Their national product was geared to fill the dual demands of the military and civilian economy.